Mörrumsån Dahlbomsgård o fiske

Fishing and living in the house

The house from the front -on the back terrace o evening sun overlocking Mörrumsån

 Dahlbom Farm is a family business that has been in family ownership since  1858th

Fishing has previously operated in cooperation with the Hotel Walhalla in Mörrum.

Today we offer a comfortable fishing with accommodation in a big house right next to the river stretch (overlooking the falls from the terrace by the house)

The house is furnished for 8 persons (4 double rooms with single beds) fully equipped kitchen, newly built sauna /  showers .- Suitable for groups o companies.-groups of friends .- Exclusivity  fish length - about 1 km long with variable poles o good fishing -readily-available .

DahlbomsGård and fishing Fish stretch Accommodation Fish Images Price Offer from Mars  to September months . 
Price of fishing packages.-- Mars 15:e -September 30:e  
Offer: Mars - September months

Companies / groups / groups of friends. You arrive at the house / fish section at 17:00 -, you fish for free or use the time to take a sauna, barbeque o hang-house / sauna, the house is equipped for 8 overnight , when you yourself do up how the time-scale fishing (max 8 license) / sauna / barbeqe / outdoor experience, trail around Mörrumsån (about 1 hour.)

Package 2: the night - (max 8 people) you will arrive at 17:00, exploit house, garden, sauna, barbecue, kitchen, etc.. fishing the first day from 17:00....accommodation for 8 people, you have  fishing and  ( house until 15:00 pm) the foling day( fishing until kl 16:00),  offer....     Price for this package: 3300 sek incl VAT .. total price for the group. (monday-thursday)


Package: 3 .. Weekend packages. Arrival Friday from 17:00 - accommodation until Sunday at 15:00, otherwise the same conditions as above. (fishing until kl 16:00)

Price for this package is 8800 SEK incl VAT (for groups up to 8 people) - you are 8 people - you pay 1100 SEK / person for the weekend.

Package: 4 .. weekend packages. Arrival Thursday evening fishing  and the house from Thursday evening -Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

Price for this package 13200kr incl- max 8 people (you are 8 people-you pay 1650kr/person for the entire weekend.

- Cost of final cleaning if you do not want to clean up your self- .800 sek -hire of bed set   cost 100 SEK / person), otherwise you takes your  own bedsets .. We have  quilt and pillow in the house .
  Mörrumsån Dahlbomsgård and fishing


Fish stretch is about a kilometer long-bones all the way, fishing is done from the eastern shore, easy to fish from the land-shore but also fibula on the south and the north - to the north, we have hydroelectric power plant and salmon ladder, the section is more flowing than middle partthat is quieter with   sandbanks, in the south we have the upper part of the southern landscape rapids, it is relatively easy to follow hooked fish as accessibility from the shore is very good on most of the stretch.

Fish distance is about 6 km north of the village Mörrum. Dahlbom Farm is situated on the outskirts of the village Svängsta-known fishing reels  at ABU-one of Europe's largest sports fishing company. In ABU shop you can buy fishing supplies at great prices.